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Chloe’s love for performing began when she was 2 years old, when her hand was always the first one up at Disneyland if volunteers were needed on stage.  Joining a local theater group was the beginning of Chloe’s acting and singing career.  She played Molly in the musical “Annie” with two local theater groups, and again professionally at Candlelight Diner Playhouse in the Los Angeles area.  She won an “Excellence in Acting” award for her performance.  Chloe’s won several karaoke competitions and was the youngest finalist in the LA Karaokefest Competition two years in a row at the Los Angeles County Fair.


Chloe’s television credits include co-staring for three seasons on HBO’s top rated series, “True Blood.” Her other television work includes guest starring roles in “Bedtime Stories,” “Intelligence,” “Gang Related,” “New Girl,” and a series pilot, “Prodigy Bully.”  She’s also filmed television commercials for Kool-Aid, Target, Quaker Oats, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and Dell.


Chloe has also done several short films, and her first feature film, “The Other” is scheduled for release in 2016.  Trying something different, Chloe performed in the Comedy Central special “Kristen Schall: Live at the Filmore,” where she did stand-up comedy on stage for two live shows that were taped for TV and DVD release.


Chloe can be seen regularly on Fox5 San Diego Morning News in her “Kid’s Korner” segment that began three years ago.  She reports on Pop Culture, fashion, crafts, and cooking from a kid’s point of view.


Chloe is quick-witted, has a great sense of humor, and a keen eye for observation.  She is a compassionate and caring individual, often called wise beyond her years.  Chloe is a straight A student in the 8th grade.  She enjoys performing, being a Girl Scout, reading, playing video games, swimming and ice skating.